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We are a securities crowdfunding service provider in accordance with 57/POJK.04/2020 which is licensed in accordance with SK Decree Number: …………………….
Corporate values are guidelines for the daily performance of all employees at every level of the company at PT Investasi Bersama Bangsa Indonesia in carrying out all their duties and responsibilities to achieve the goals stated in the company's Vision and Mission.

Passionate: ability, possess, display and express a strong spirit in carrying out the functions and duties of the company and have the belief that the company is a place to work and earn a living in order to provide added value for all stakeholders.

Respect: mutual respect and respect for fellow co-workers and their work as a good, valuable and important foundation.

Accountable: perform and complete work according to their respective duties and responsibilities.

Commitment: have strong responsibilities, carry out their duties and obligations correctly and completely according to the quality standards that have been set.

Teamwork: work and carry out their respective tasks in a team to achieve a common goal.

Freedom: all company stakeholders are given the freedom to express their opinions and creativity that can provide company progress.

Honest: has an open, sincere and honest nature.

Energizing: means always giving energy and enthusiasm to others in carrying out work.